Chief's Message

On behalf of the Jim Thorpe Police Department I would like to welcome you.  I hope the information contained on this site will be helpful to the citizens of Jim Thorpe as well as the many visitors that come to the Borough of Jim Thorpe each day to enjoy its beauty.

The Jim Thorpe Police Department strives to maintain a strong relationship with the community through our community policing programs.  The officers of the department value human life, integrity, laws, cooperation, problem solving, but most of all professionalism and excellence to not only the community of Jim Thorpe but the many visitors that come and visit.  The Community of Jim Thorpe continues to be a safe place because of the great partnership between the Jim Thorpe Police Department and the community we serve. 

If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me at (570) 325-4995 ext. 322 or by email.

Chief Joseph Schatz