About Jim Thorpe Borough

Jim Thorpe Borough

The Jim Thorpe Borough Council and the Borough Administration are pleased to welcome you to our website.

Here you will find valuable information regarding the Borough and its services.  The website was designed to make it easier and more efficient for the residents and visitors to interact with the Borough.

Jim Thorpe is a significant part of the history and  the development of Carbon County and our Country. While serving as Carbon County’s seat, Jim Thorpe is the home of approximately 5,000 residents that take pride in their heritage and the traditions of the town.

The natural resources, Victorian beauty, eclectic culture and year round activities attracts thousands of visitors each year.  The Borough Council and the Borough’s employees are committed to making Jim Thorpe the best community in which to live and a place people want to visit.  We make every effort to work with the people, businesses and organizations within our community to keep this goal alive.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  We hope you find our new website a useful tool in working with us.

Welcome to Jim Thorpe.