Garbage & Recycling Items

Tamaqua Transfer & Recycling Inc.

244 E. Broad Street

Tamaqua, Pa. 18252

(570) 668-4515


RECYCLING: The work “Recyclables” is agreed to include newspapers, glass, plastics, and aluminum.

Items to be collected and how they should be prepared.

GLASS: Acceptable materials include clear, brown, and green glass food and beverage containers.

Materials NOT acceptable are ceramics, mirrors, crystal, milk glass, light bulbs, windows, or TV tubes. No plastic bags.

Remove all caps (place in regular garbage) rinse and wash food containers. DO NOT BREAK GLASS!

NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES/MIXED PAPER: Acceptable materials include clean, dry newspapers, office paper, magazines and junk mail.

Materials NOT acceptable are plastic bags, staples, waxed or contaminated paper. Tie bundles or place in brown paper bags.

ALUMINUM CANS: Acceptable materials are beverage cans.

Materials NOT accepted are foil trays, and aluminum furniture. No plastic bags. Rinse can, throw lids in regular garbage.

STEEL/BIMETAL CANS: Acceptable materials include any metal container used for food, such as vegetable, fruit, soup or juice.

Materials NOT acceptable are paint, aerosol cans, pesticide or herbicide spray cans or scrap metal.

Rinse cans place lids in regular garbage.

PLASTIC CONTAINERS: Acceptable materials include containers with A #1 or #2 in the recycling symbol.

Example include soda, milk, water, and juice jugs; laundry detergent, cough syrup, etc.

Materials NOT acceptable are plastic film, Styrofoam, plastic bags, chemicals, plastic furniture, and meat trays.

No containers with #3 or #7 containers should be rinsed, cleaned and lids removed